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Dubai hosts the world premiere for new FUTURA technology

Just launched at Gulf Print & Pack 2017, the exclusive FUTURA open-platform technology by PRATI sees its first application on the Saturn OMNIA, one of PRATI's most popular, versatile finishing solutions.

Visitors to the exhibition were enthralled by the huge benefits for equipment featuring the new open-platform technology. Above all, the development of a technology enabling instant performance upgrades without complex, time-consuming retrofitting procedures was welcomed as an opportunity to invest securely, knowing that as the market evolves, your investment will evolve alongside it.

During Gulf Print & Pack, 10 companies chose Saturn OMNIA with FUTURA technology as a key part of their converting strategy for the coming years. "Despite being fully convinced of the value of our new FUTURA technology, we were thrilled to acknowledge such an enthusiastic welcome at its first appearance." commented Chiara Prati.

FUTURA means on-site upgrades, minimum downtime and the ability to react fast to market demands. In many cases a 24-hour stoppage is enough to upgrade what once required 6 days to accomplish. Today's investment is one machine. Tomorrow, that investment becomes 2, 3 or even 4-machines-in-1.

During the Dubai exhibition, Sales & Marketing Manager Chiara Prati held a conference to examine the critical aspects related to IML converting. This fast-growing label type needs special attention, so Chiara raised 3 issues and illustrated how PRATI makes the difference with innovative solutions to die-cut, remove static and stack IML with optimal results.

Saturn OMNIA is the only market solution that handles SA labels, flexible packaging, A4 sheets, wet glue labels and IML, now available with FUTURA.

As of today, PRATI is implementing FUTURA technology across much of the range of finishing solutions in order to maximise the flexibility and support customers in increasing their business opportunities in the easiest and most competitive way. Don't wait for the future. FUTURA is NOW


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