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FUTURA technology reaches the American market at Label Summit Latin America

At Latin America's largest label event in Santiago del Chile May 16/17, we will be presenting FUTURA technology to label converters eager to safeguard their investment in high-performance finishing equipment. FUTURA is available on the Saturn range of finishing platforms including Saturn OMNIA, the highly successful multiuse finishing solution for multiple label types.

FUTURA represents long-term investment protection for converters wishing to embrace innovative technologies

Once you purchase converting equipment, it is not impossible to upgrade and increase the machine's performance, but it always incurs unwanted downtime, heavy retrofits and unsustainable costs. FUTURA on the other hand enables converters to immediately upgrade and adapt their equipment to keep pace with future demands. Compared to today's standards, this unique open-platform technology enables an unlimited number of instant upgrades to safeguard the initial investment. The most recent technology developed by PRATI allows converters to adapt immediately to a fast-moving market. With FUTURA, on-site upgrades are available. Downtime is kept to a minimum and a 24-hour stoppage is enough to upgrade what once required 6 days to accomplish. A selection of finishing solutions in our range already integrate this ground-breaking design technology, in particular the Saturn OMNIA.

Saturn OMNIA

Already a highly flexible solution, Saturn OMNIA is the sole market solution that handles SA labels, flexible packaging, A4 sheets, wet glue labels and IML – one of the fastest-growing label type in today's market. Saturn OMNIA with FUTURA technology is so versatile, you will envisage moving into new business areas with no increase in your investment. A unique investment for a multitude of purposes.

Visit PRATI at Booth 13 at the Espacio Riesco Convention Center in Santiago del Chile - May 16/17

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