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Let’s connect in Tel Aviv!

In just under a month, we will be attending Dscoop EMEA 5 in Tel Aviv, Israel. Running from April 5 to 8, this conference is yet another opportunity to connect with the HP Graphic Solutions community and open the door to mutual growth. Especially now that more and more companies and industry professionals are participating in the event, both in Europe at the start of April and a week later in San Antonio, Texas.

A snapshot of Dscoop EMEA

750 industry leaders will be at this year's conference held in a 36,000 sqm exhibition area showcasing the latest technologies, products and services. Tel Aviv is a vibrant location driven by the energy of what is often referred to as a "start-up nation". What better a place to be to discover the state of the art in printing and converting technology?

PRATI @ Dscoop

Leading the way for label converters, Prati will be present at Dscoop in Tel Aviv to inform conference visitors of all the benefits linked to the advanced technological solutions developed and made in Italy at the Prati factory. In particular, Saturn OMNIA, the ultimate modular finishing platform able to handle SA labels, flexible packaging, A4 sheets, wet glue labels and IML – probably the fastest-growing label type in today's market. Saturn OMNIA is perfect for customised production runs and multiple label types, making it the wisest investment offering unlimited flexibility, so that if the market requires you to change your production from one day to the next, you are already equipped to respond accordingly.

How to make the most of Saturn OMNIA

• You're a large label converter: make it your back up equipment, handling any type of label when your main machines are running full capacity

• You're a newcomer to the label converting business: make it your first multiuse solution, be in a position to evaluate all market requirements with just one piece of quality equipment

• You're being asked for more and more sample runs: make it the modular answer to quickly resolve all types of requests and demonstrate the quality you can deliver

• You're looking to expand into new business areas: make it the unique investment allowing you to process all label types without needing to invest further

• You're about to acquire a printing press: make it the one and only finishing unit to handle all label types.



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L'evento si svolgerà a Faenza dall'11 al 13 giugno, dalle 9:00 alle 17:00.