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Thanks for a record-breaking 2015

11th March 2016

Every successful customer drives our success even further. This has made 2015 the best year to date.

PRATI recently announced phenomenal growth during the course of 2015. Sales have rocketed by 95% over the previous year and the installed base has grown in all geographical areas substantially in line with global economic trends. With an average of one machine leaving the factory every second day throughout 2015, the first weeks of the current year are already confirming the recent trend.

Mirroring the success of our customers

Based on the company's philosophy – implementing the latest technological innovations to ensure maximum quality, reliability and productivity – PRATI has partnered each customer, enabling them to outperform their competitors. This inevitably leads to more business and both customer and supplier are now reaping the benefits. A considerable increase in sales was registered primarily in Central and Southern European countries where the priority focus of a customer corresponds to the key values of PRATI solutions: quality, reliability and cost-effective performance.

A huge thankyou to our sales network and our customers worldwide

Mutual growth is one of the company's primary objectives. Chiara Prati has always believed in the power and potential of this approach and 2015 has rewarded both end-users and PRATI with excellent results. Commenting on the figures, Chiara Prati says: "The better we support our customers, the greater success they achieve on the market. This has rewarded us throughout 2015. We are riding the same wave of success as our customers. A win-win situation which is the best recommendation we could hope for." Further to supplying the right solutions, PRATI is able to ensure timely technical assistance globally. Only by providing the best service standards are today's label converters able to face up to the demanding market scenario, and this is exactly where PRATI plays another trump card. Rapid intervention, remote assistance always at hand and targeted answers help customers avoid downtime. "Nothing is more healthy than keeping the entire customer chain happy and reassured by our service. Our customers are satisfied and consequently they satisfy their customers." concluded Chiara Prati.



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