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Why just spend your money when you can invest in your future


Times change and everyone needs to adapt to fast-evolving scenarios. More and more often, converters are facing a decreasing trend in the quality of materials to be processed. This leads to a need for higher quality machinery, especially in the case of converting machines which represent the last step in the finishing process; the last chance to ensure a quality finish.

It's simple to select finishing equipment if you only consider the initial cost. If all converters adopted this approach, we would not be able to boast an installed base of close on 2,500 machines in over 60 countries worldwide. So why choose Prati? And why consider the Saturn series of slitter-rewinders an expensive option, when they provide such a high return on investment?

Investing in innovation helps our customers grow and spend less money over time

We focus on your needs and in a global market, those needs can change fast. Flexibility is a key issue, as well as quality and reliability. To give our customers a competitive advantage, we spend time turning our experience into innovative solutions. Each one takes into consideration your specific needs and we make sure our equipment integrates the best possible components making it extremely reliable as well as providing accurate processing. The initial price of our equipment may be higher than average, but the total cost of ownership (TCO) is certain to be lowest of all on the global market. The Saturn series of slitter-rewinders is a prime example of how an intelligent investment can prove highly profitable in the mid and long term. Focusing on premium quality inevitably leads to savings: less waste thanks to processing accuracy and quality finishing, less downtime and maintenance costs thanks to the superb reliability of the equipment. Your customers demand quality and will pay for quality. Quality equipment never costs less, but puts you in a position to grow your business and increase your profitability.

What lies behind the price is the added value we offer

Before releasing new equipment onto the market, a team of research specialists and engineers spend months looking into all possible ways to turn the latest technologies into concrete benefits, either in terms of performance, ease of use or just long-term reliability. Once you approach us with a requirement, we conduct a custom product analysis to ensure you enjoy a tailored solution. This is a first step toward a partnership which enables you to benefit from support and technical advice during installation and as long as the equipment remains in service. You can also count on a comprehensive after-sales service to provide you with items directly from our stock based in Italy, which is constantly replenished so that our customers will never need to hold stock themselves or wait unnecessarily. Required items are made ready for despatch within 48 hours.

Spending less is just the first instalment of a costly process

In a recent interview, Chiara Prati commented: "There are companies that spend their money on machinery, others that invest in solutions." If you are concerned about today's balance sheet, lower costs are always seemingly attractive, but rarely do they consider the expenses you will need to face over time. As long as a Prati machine is running and making money for your company, it is a wise investment. At Prati, we know we cost more to start with, but we also know why our solutions cost you less in the long run. And this is why each year we have grown together with our customers.



We are pleased to announce PRATI HYBRID TECHNOLOGY DAYS.
The event takes place in Faenza from the 11th to 13th of June - 9 a.m. to 17 p.m.